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Minifactory: milling machine, vacuum press, PVC film

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster
"2515" and "2112"

10 modifications

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1212"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1212

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1009"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1009

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 0404"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 0404

Vacuum press Automatic

Vacuum press Automatic

CNC laser-engraving machines "ArtLaser 1409"

CNC laser machines ArtLaser 1409 for laser cutting and engraving

CNC laser-engraving machines "ArtLaser 0906"

CNC laser machines ArtLaser 0906 for laser cutting and engraving

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines "ArtPlasma"

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma

PVC film for vacuum press

PVC film

FAQ - membrane vacuum press

Vacuum press Automatic

Automatic vacuum press MVP-2512

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» Video Work of press (zip 3Mb, wmv)


* 09.2011: 500!

We have produce vacuum press with serial number 500!

* 09.2011: 1000!

We have produce milling machine "ArtMaster" with serial number 1000!

* 04.2007: New vacuum press:

Automatic vacuum press MVP-2512
with 2 work tables

In September 2011 we have produce vacuum press with serial number 500!

Automatic vacuum press MVP-2512 it is intended for laminate doors, kitchen and furniture facades, different furniture units with PVC films and veneer, with the help of heat and vacuum technique system with minimum involvement of the humans.
Control Process is carried out by modern computer in which memory it is possible to store around 100 type of deferent PVC foils. It is possible to add or to delete any types of PVC. The process heat forming occurs in the closed space, but there is a possibility to observe of it through special window.

In result in the shortest periods and with minimum expenditures you receive workpiece distinguished by the longevity, and at the same time elegance and complexity of shapes of a surface.

The vacuum technique of heat forming, used in our vacuum press, allows to work with high glossy PVC films without plotting injury to external surfaces.

Automatic vacuum press MVP-2512 is:

In essence new system of heat of a film by means of the infra-red heaters heating only a surface of a film

Compact sizes

Simplicity in maintenance and maintenance operation

Atomized control system of the process which watches all processes, as much as possible facilitating operation of a human controller. Omitting and rise of a cover is carried out automatically compressed air.

Very low expenditure of the electric power as heaters are powered up only during the working process which duration makes 4-6 minutes and depends on width of a film

The Infra-red transmitter of measurement of temperature of a film

Automatic vacuum press. Control panel.

Automatic vacuum press MVP-2512

Power of the heater, kW 18,6
Consumed power vacuum system, kW 2
Effective area of a working area, mm 2550x1200
Out going workpieces per hour, m sq. 13
Dimensions, mm 2900x1800x1600
Operating pressure in a pneumatic system, kg/sm2 4 - 6
Unchanging pressure, kg/sm2 -0,95
Weight, kg 1100

* - vacuum press can be completed with rubber membrane
* - all training, you can pass on industrial base of company Artel LTD, free-of-charge.
* - starting-up and adjustment works by us are carried out free-of-charge (without taking into account traveling and living expenses)
* - You can buy our machine for our dealer list
* - conditions of payment: 50% in a advance, 50% before shipment
* - production time 30 - 45 day from of payment
* - warranty period - 12 months

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» Here you can see samples made on membrane vacuum press
» Pictures of membrane vacuum press

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