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- CNC woodworking milling machine ArtMaster
- vacuum press
- PVC film in assortment

Minifactory: milling machine, vacuum press, PVC film

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster
"2515" and "2112"

10 modifications

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1212"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1212

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1009"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1009

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 0404"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 0404

Vacuum press Automatic

Vacuum press Automatic

CNC laser-engraving machines "ArtLaser 1409"

CNC laser machines ArtLaser 1409 for laser cutting and engraving

CNC laser-engraving machines "ArtLaser 0906"

CNC laser machines ArtLaser 0906 for laser cutting and engraving

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines "ArtPlasma"

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma

PVC film for vacuum press

PVC film

Start to create unique workpieces due to new technologies!

Based of a new patent method for making a relief surface (patent of the RF 2181669)
was created unique

CNC woodworking four-sider planer "Uzor" (Pattern)

on which you can produce:

1. All that you can think off, and also:
2. Figured lining clapboard
3. Ornamental panels
4. An ornamental flooring board
5. A parquet
6. A figured plinth
7. Ornamental dressings for windows, doors, hoods, fire places
8. Baguettes
9. Ornamental furniture elements


* 09.2011: 1000!

We have produce milling machine "ArtMaster" with serial number 1000!

* 09.2011: 500!

We have produce vacuum press with serial number 500!

* 05.2008: New milling machines:

CNC milling machine: "ArtMaster 1009" - 1000x900mm and "ArtMaster 0404"
- 400x400mm (working area)

CNC woodworking four-sider planer "Uzor" (Pattern)
Certificate »   Certificate of conformity Ukraine

CNC woodworking four-sider planers "Uzor" (Pattern) created for four-sider boards, bars, creation of complex profile, and also deriving of relief surface that gives to use machine repair shops, at furniture plants and other wood-working factories.

» Video Work of planer (zip 7Mb, mpg)

Samples made on CNC woodworking four-sider planer "Uzor" (Pattern)Operation principle of cutter head "Uzor" as separate unit, eight methods of an adjustment of an operating program and different variations at replacement of figurate knifes gives unlimited amount of selection of individual figure for deriving the relief surface, and due CNC panel there is an opportunity of multiplies absolutely exact repetition of superimposed figure. Complex profile cutting allows to collect separate fragments in common unique in own way figure that allows you create some thing new.

That is why, CNC woodworking four-sider planers "Uzor" (Pattern) will allow you to create exclusive absolutely unique workpieces.

CNC woodworking four-sider planer "Uzor" (Pattern)
Models 1 2 ***
Overall dimensions, mm
Length (without roller conveyers) 27302430
Width (without crimped hose) 1110880
Height 14101420
Work Surface Area, mm
Minimum length of workpiece from 1000from 1000
Width of workpiece 40-15080-170
Thickness of workpieces 7,5-7010-70
Cutting heads, pcs. 51
Grinding drums, pcs. -2
Rotary speed of cutting heads, rpm/min. 6000
Feed rate, m/min. 6-122-10
Power supply AC, three phase voltage grounded 380 V, 50Hz
Weight (without roller conveyers), kg 930890

*** Temporary off the market.
* - all training, you can pass on industrial base of company Artel LTD, free-of-charge.
* - starting-up and adjustment works by us are carried out free-of-charge (without taking into account traveling and living expenses)
* - conditions of payment: 50% in a advance, 50% before shipment
* - production time 60 day from of payment
* - warranty period - 12 months

Design and principle of CNC woodworking four-sider planer "Uzor" (Pattern)

CNC woodworking four-sider planer "Uzor" (Pattern) is a five spindle system, re-entrant. The material is seized on the input of machine by two axles (lower giving and upper pinch) and moves on twirled cutter heads, timbered on spindles. Work pieces nestle to the table of machine by spring-bias rollers and to a parallel fence a clamp bar. It protects preparations from displacement and ensures absence of the vibration in a cutting zone. Readjustment of your machine under other cross-section of an a workpiece is made manually by means of twirl of the mechanism the screw - nut, giving an opportunity to lift (to lower) basic girders, on which pressure rollers and the drive of the upper knife drum are fixed. Machine is controlled by CNC.

Visit our photo gallery:

» Here you can see samples made on CNC four-sider planers "Uzor" (Pattern) - Parquet
» Here you can see samples made on CNC four-sider planers "Uzor" (Pattern) - Pattern
» Here you can see samples made on CNC four-sider planers "Uzor" (Pattern) - Decor
» Pictures of CNC woodworking four-sider planer "Uzor" (Pattern)

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